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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Growing Blueberries

Everything's coming up blueberries at the DeGrandChamp Farms in South Haven, Michigan. These blue beauties can be seen glistening in the sun on a warm summer's afternoon. Blueberries rank next to strawberries and peaches as one of the most popular summertime fruits. Here are a few tips on growing your own blueberries:
  • Plant blueberries along foundations or in a border garden. They not only produce delicious fruit, but they also are covered with pretty white, bell-shaped flowers in the spring. In the fall, the leaves turn a deep crimson creating a spectacular autumn display.
  • Select the type of blueberry plant that best suits your climate and the location you plan to grow them. For gardeners in moderate to cold climates, consider the hardiness factor of the plants before you purchase and plant them.
  • Pollination is essential to successfully growing blueberries. Cross-pollination between to different varieties is important in order to set a good crop of berries.
Two hardy varieties to consider for small backyard gardens in cold climates are 'Northblue' and 'North Sky.' They will survive winter temperatures to 35 degrees F. below zero. They also are sometimes called "half plants" because they only grow about 2 feet tall, but each plant will produce 4 to 7 pounds of berries. Blueberries from mail-order companies are usually shipped bare-root. Upon receiving them, check to be sure the root system is moist.

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