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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aromatic Rice

Aromatic rices are a bit more expensive than plain white rice, but their qualities are well worth the price. They can add just the right amount of flavor and depth to any simple rice dish. Here is just a sampling of the varieties of aromatic rice available in the supermarkets and health food stores:
  • Basmati: This rice is a favorite rice used in much of Indian cuisine. The nutlike flavor of this very fragrant rice comes from the fact that it's aged to decrease its moisture content. The aging process yields a rice that is drier than plain white rice but packed full of flavor. Basmati rice pairs well with many seafood dishes.
  • Jasmine: This Thai rice is similar to basmati but less expensive. Jasmine rice, like basmati, also pairs well with many seafood dishes, but it's great just by itself for lunch served along with steamed vegetables.
  • Texmati: This rice is a type of cross between American long grain rice and basmati rice. It works well in many types of rice dishes.
  • Wild Pecan: This aromatic rice is grown in the southern United States, primiarily in Louisiana. Wild pecan has a rich, nutty flavor and fragrance. The next time you're thinking about preparing rice, why not try one of the above aromatic rice varieties and add a unique flavor to your cooking? 
Did You Know? Wild rice is not really rice, but an aquatic grass harvested in Minnesota and Canada.

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