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Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Peel Tropical Fruits

If you've ever had the opportunity to really examine all of the various fruits available in your local supermaket, you might discover a variety of tropical fruits such as the mango, mamey, papaya and the more familiar pineapple available for purchase. And if you've ever passed them by because you didn't know the best ways to prepare them, you're not alone. Unfortunately, you're missing out on a flavorful treat for your taste buds. These sweet and juicy fruits are a great way to add fruit into your daily diet—you just have to know a few techniques on how to peel and serve them. It's important to use a stainless-steel knife when you're cutting up this fruit; carbon-steel knives tend to discolor the flesh of the fruit.

How to Peel a Mango
  1. Hold a mango on a cutting board, with the stem-end up. With a sharp paring knife, carefully cut the mango into two halves, cutting down on either side of the large pit that's in the middle. Don't try to cut exactly in the middle, or you'll hit the pit with your knife.
  2. Once you've separated the two halves from the pit, cut the flesh into cubes by scoring the inside of each mango half with diagonal parallel lines; slice in the opposite direction to create a cross-hatched pattern. From the skin side, gently push the center out, and cut off the cubes from the peel.
How to Peel a Papaya

  1. On a cutting board, hold the papaya on its side. Slice the fruit in half lengthwise.
  2. Scoop out the black seeds, and use for a garnish (if desired).
  3. Place each papaya half, cut-side down, on a cutting board, and remove the peel with a knife. Remove about 1 inch to 3 inches of the narrow end of the papaya, since this part usually has very little flavor. Slice each half of papaya with a paring knife into the desired pieces.
How to Peel a Mamey
Similar in shape to a papaya, the mamey has a brown-skin covering a pink-orange flesh.
  1. Place the mamey on its side, and cut lengthwise around the circumference of the seed in the middle of the fruit with a sharp knife. Separate the two halves, and use a spoon to remove the seed.
  2. Cut around the outer perimeter of the flesh with a grapefruit knife, and peel away the skin with your fingers. Place the mamey, flat-side down, on a cutting board and slice into the desired pieces.
How to Peel a Pineapple
  1. Slice off the pineapple's plumes and the bottom with a sharp knife.
  2. Stand the pineapple on its base, and cut away the skin in long, vertical strips. Remove the eyes with a melon baller.
  3. Cut the pineapple into quarters from the top down. Remove the core from the center of each piece with a paring knife. Cut into triangles, and serve.

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