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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glossary of Peaches

Chances are you're bound to find wonderful varieties of fresh local peaches at farmer's markets and produce stands at this time of year. With names like 'Earliglo' and 'Snow Flame' and 'Biscoe' you won't have to look too hard to find a peach you can enjoy. Here is just a sampling of some of the many varieties of peaches:
  • Red Haven is an early ripening peach variety. Generally, early ripening varieties tend to be less sweeter than their later ripening counterparts since they don't have enough time to build up their sugar stores.
  • Bisoe is a variety you can try growing in your own backyard. The tree produces a plethora of blooms in the spring and performs well if properly nurtured and cared for.
  • Belle of Georgia is perhaps one of the most revered peaches. It has a slightly crimson blush on the skin, is firm and so flavorful that many people who sample this peach for the first time claim it is the sweetest peach they have ever eaten.
  • Snow Flame is a white-fleshed peach that tastes sweeter when they have not fully ripened.
  • Earliglo is another early-season variety that tends to be less sweeter than other later-ripening varieties.
  • Red Top is a variety commonly grown in California, so you typically won't find it east of the Mississippi River. Red tops are firm, full of body and have a high sugar content.
  • White Lady is another white-fleshed peach with a low acid content than yellow-fleshed varieties. It is soft in texture and highly scented. This variety also is native to California.
While peaches are in season, why not try a few new and unusual varieties for baking, canning or just plain eating?

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