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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Favorite Recipes from 2006

Since I never make something new without capturing it for posterity with either my digital camera or regular 35-mm camera, I have a entire photo file filled with photographs of some of these culinary creations. It's amazing how the memories come flooding back. I'm also thankful for the opportunity to share these recipes here each week.

Here are just a few of some of my favorite recipes that I prepared in 2006:

  1. I would be remiss if I neglected to include Madeleines as one of my favorite cookies I baked this past year. Bake them once, and you'll find yourself baking them for special occasions throughout the year.
  2. Pulled Pork made in the crockery cooker was another favorite. If you've never tried making this Southern favorite before, try the crockery cooking method, and you'll discover just how tasty and finger-licking good it is.
  3. As the U.S. marked the first anniversary of the destruction brought to the southern United States (particularly New Orleans) by Hurricane Katrina, we highlighted some favorite Southern dishes in our three-part series "Salute to the Foods of New Orleans." We covered everything from beignets and jambalya to Sauteed Catfish with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Andouille Sausage Sauce, as a rememberance of the fine cuisine this locale offers.
  4. The chocolate lovers in my family exclaimed when I discovered a simple recipe for a Chocolate Souffle Cake that rivals the best chocolate cake from an upscale restaurant. If you're looking for a new chocolate cake recipe, this one is a must-have for your recipe files.
  5. As we headed into fall, my second-favorite season of the year, apples held a place of honor in my kitchen. One recipe which I like (and was consistently among the top viewed articles on Recipes) was the Caramel Apple Pie. It seems that many people were looking for a new twist on an old favorite, so give this one a try!
  6. Apples also appeared in a great-tasting dinner dish: Pork Chops with Apples. There's just something about the marriage of apples with pork in this dish that really makes it such a tasty meal for dinner. I try to use the best apples I can find for this dish.
  7. If it wasn't for Sara Smith, we would not have been able to bring you a compendium of great holiday pie recipes. Sara endured a long session in the kitchen on the basics of making pie crust and pie baking, but she was an excellent student who will be able to impress anyone with her new skills!
  8. If you have a taste for the spicy side, our spicy Herb Rubbed Turkey will have your taste buds jumping. If you're looking for a new idea for your Thanksgiving turkey next year, give this one a try.
  9. In the spirit of the Christmas season, I had to share the spritz cookies recipe. These are such a great cookie to bake for Christmas and they make plenty for gift-giving.
  10.  Perhaps one of my favorite (because it uses so few ingredients) was the Classic Hamburger from our Fourth of July Cookout article. Paired with the other recipes included there, it's summer entertaining at its best.
I hope you have tried some of these recipes, and if not, perhaps this brief retrospective will encourage you to make some of these taste-tantalizing recipes.

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