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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Healthy Cooking for the Month of October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, breast cancer claims the lives of scores of women across the United States. You may even know someone, whether in your own family or in that of a loved one, who died from breast cancer. The good news is that even though there is currently no cure for this terrible disease, scientists and researches continue their quest to battle against breast cancer.

Even though breast cancer awareness comes to the forefront during this month, let's not forget men as well. Prostate cancer claims just as many men as breast cancer does women each year. And while there is currently no single month of the year dedicated to Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we cannot ignore this cancer as well. To heighten awareness of both cancers during this month, Recipes will feature a special article dealing with a cancer survivor's quest to revolutionize food and diet by calling attention to foods that can help anyone (especially those battling cancer) have a healthier diet.

Look for this special article on October 11 here at Recipes. If you'd like to contribute to breast cancer research, here are a few nonprofit organizations you can make a donation to:

  1. The Women's Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) Sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the WCRF supports education, outreach, and research programs, including an effort to identify early cancer biomarkers that may one day let doctors detect and treat breast cancer sooner.
  2. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation This organization--recently named one of America's top charities--guarantees that a minimum of 85 percent of all funds raised goes directly to researching the causes of and treatments for breast cancer. Recent donations have helped fund studies of cutting-edge targeted therapies that fight cancer with far fewer side effects than chemotherapy.
  3. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation One of America's oldest and largest breast-cancer groups, the Komen Foundation funds breakthrough research, local breast-cancer screening programs, and treatment projects around the world.

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